Language Models

Use with Language Models

There are not yet any language models trained on Squiggle. However, we have compiled our documentation and grammar into one document. You can use this with Anthropic's Claude (opens in a new tab) chat interface or other interfaces with large context windows, after which you can get Squiggle help. We've found that it's able to get Squiggle code mostly correct, but often needs some manual assistance.

Manual training LLMs for writing Squiggle could make for a great project. If you might be interested in doing this, let us know!

Squiggle GPT

We have an experimental Squiggle GPT (opens in a new tab). It has access to the Squiggle documentation, and can call our server to check if code it produces is correct, or to generally run code and response with its results.

This bot often produces poor results, or fails to properly call the server, so it requires some handholding. If this is an issue for you, let us know.

Document with all documentation

All Squiggle Documentation, in One Document

Instructions for use with Claude

  1. Copy the Squiggle documentation file listed above.
  2. Go to the Claude Chat Interface (opens in a new tab). Paste the file.
  3. Ask a question, like, "Write a Squiggle model to estimate the costs of taking a plane flight from SFO to London. Include Include the environmental impact, social impact, cost of ticket, cost of time, cost of jet lag."
  4. You should get an attempt at a Squiggle Model. Try it out in the Squiggle Playground. There will likely be a few errors, so try fixing these errors.