Published Sep 19, 2023

@quri/squiggle-lang (opens in a new tab)

@quri/squiggle-components (opens in a new tab)

  • Downgrade Typescript target to ES2021. This should help with loading Squiggle components on Observable through (#2269 (opens in a new tab))

  • Autocompletion improvements: (#2233 (opens in a new tab))

    • suggest local function names
    • suggest parameter names
    • don't suggest unreachable vars (declared below or in unreachable local scopes)
    • different icon for local functions

    Editor grammar improvements:

    • functions with 0 parameters don't break the parser
    • trailing expressions are now really optional (they weren't, but Lezer recovered from it so it didn't matter)
  • Improved symlog scale ticks (#2245 (opens in a new tab))

@quri/prettier-plugin-squiggle (opens in a new tab)

vscode-squiggle (opens in a new tab)

No changes.